Towel Animals

Towel Animals are one of the most memorable small touches on a cruise.  While such a seemingly silly thing, everyone invariably remembers their towel animals, picks their favorite when reminiscing and tries to recreate them at home (admit it!).  On this cruise, we had fun posing with our favorite towel animals.

So, what type of towel animal personality are you?  Do you create your own towel animal zoo, lining them up on your dresser, bed, etc until they begin to fall apart?  Do you, or your children destroy each animal accidentally or purposefully, maybe while trying to figure out how they are constructed?  Are you the creative type, trying to make your own towel animals to add to the group?  Do you save them for a day and then move on to the next?

We like to take the animals and personalize them for photos.  Have a pair of sunglasses handy?  Add them!  Have a fun hat?  Add it!

Most ships offer a towel animal creative class. Some even offer books for sale for you to continue the tradition at home.  Admittedly I’ve considered trying to create the towel animals at home, but never have.

On many cruises, there are times that you can catch a glimpse of many loose towel animals on the deck early morning.  Check with your ship so you can discover this sight and not miss it!  We are admitted over-sleepers and have never partaken, but I’ve seen some great photos from others.



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